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Download seems to be broken.

HI, just tested on my PC rn and it works great :( Maybe you can retry later?

Hey, some great options here! I love character creators, haha :3

Just curious, are there plans to separate style and color for things like hair, skin, areolas, pubic hair, accessories, etc? Perhaps less-than-symmetrical breasts, piercings, more peen options with foreskin, or the option to add multiple accessories? ^w^

In any case, thank you for sharing, and may good vibes find ya!!

Right now i'm focusing on the Visual Novel this avatar maker comes from. But why not add more options later! 

It was quite laggy but i like the variety

Yeah the web build is laggy, sorry about that :( The standalone is way more stable :)


Hey I was wondering if you'd ever think about making a apk version of your game, if you ever do id download it straight away.


Hey, there is an apk for Android already actually. You can't find it?


Sorry, I must of missed it when looking.

how do you load a save?

Hey! You can't load a save on this avatar maker. Just make a screenshot of your avatar. 

then why have save option??

future improvement?


damn i sound pushy, sorry, didn’t mean for it to sound that way


No problem :) The floppy disk icon may sound confusing, I understand.  I could eventually add an option that actually saves the last avatar created.

Very good drawings :D
Is there a way to create random futa? I dont see any button.

Thanks a lot!

No you can't create random futa, but I can think about adding this feature! 


I really enjoy the art style used here. Not to mention, the subject matter is wonderful. Currently, you are working on Juicy Futa, but past that, do you have any plans for games centered around custom characters, like what can be made here? A blank slate, as it were?


Thanks a lot! I'll see how I'll handle the next project. If I want to keep on doing full hand drawn animated sex scene like on Juicy Futa, character customization will make things too much complicated, sadly. 

That is entirely understandable. The amount of work to go into that, not to mention the effort required, would be oppressive for a one person team. 

Thank you for the reply. I look forward to seeing what else you do. Your work is wonderful. Do take care of yourself, Dear. 

Thank you so much for your very kind words! <3

Neat Avatar maker, I decided to get the visual novel too. It's little too barren right now (I know it's still early) and could certainly use more customization options like more hyper sizes for the tits and dicks, the option to change the gray tones for the hairs (to better mix and match fronts and backs), and including the various gray tone pens for the draw option as well so the creative peeps can add custom shading to body parts they draw.


I'd like to add different gray tones later yes, and I'll think about hyper size genitals! Thanks <3

I may not be Born In the oldies (somewhere where games first starts appearing)

God blessed retro games like this... its kinda rare now to see Types like this...

Keep up the good work Take care And May you have a Blessed life :)

Thank you so much for your very kind words <3 


hot so more sexy hmmm make naked

I love artstyle. Its pleasing to the eyes. Would you ever consider making a visual novel using these futa characters? I personally believe that there's a a lack of Futa centered/focused content. Like some games contain futa, but that's not enough... you know?

Hey, actually Juicy Futa is divided in two part, the first part take place on a village with no futa and part 2 on a village only with futas :) Just started to implement the 2nd part! 

Ooh! (Love the fast reply) I just love futa for how they are a"Jack-of-all-trades".

And I struggled for too long to find Futa focused games.. as the only good ones I've found are made through Rpg Maker. Not to say Rpg Maker is bad, buut I'd like to play other genres focused on futa. Maybe a retro-styled adventure game? 

Idk. Sorry for dumping a bucket load of brain candy. I get real into this topic, as I hope to see more of the rarely used tags. (Futa and Monster Girls, are rare to find..)

Haha, I like your enthousiasm! Well right now I still have a loads of work on Juicy Futa but I like the retro style adventure idea. Tho, Juicy Futa is a visual novel/dating sim made with ren'py, don't hesitate to check it out if you haven't already, there's a free demo :)

oh. Any game with "futa" in the title is like honey to a fly. Its REALLY enticing.. and when I start playing, that when it sticks. (If that made any sense)

Haha, perfect then <3


im depresed


Sorry bro :( Take care


I've had to cut back on my h content a lot since I realized it is the source of pretty much all my anxiety. Might be worth a try.


Take care of yourself above all everything <3

Some really top tier stuff you got here! I look forward to what else you make!

Thank you so much! I'm really happy you like my work <3

Is it / will it be possible to make female characters as well?


Hi :) 

You can already, just pick genitals 0 for a pussy. But I will add other pussies later for sure (hairy pussy, big lips pussy etc) :D 

Awesome, will try it out then!

(+6) it weird to make myself (trans mtf) with this? 


Absolutely not, go for it =)


Not at all <3