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does not download a file for me just a un openable .rar

You can't open the .rar file ?

it gives me the option to run it but i need to select the program i run it with and i dont know what that would be

Are you on mac?


Well I guess the best option is winrar but I'm pretty sure winzip can unpack .rar files too! Weird it is not the case by default on your computer.

I love this game,very well made!

Thanks a lot!


una obra de arte :D


Your game seems pretty cool with original graphics ! Could I make a letsplay video of it (I'm publishing adult gaming video on porn website and knowing that I'm making a bit of ads revenue from it ^^)

Why not! Join my discord server if you want to talk about it :)

Obrigado amigo 😊

Quando ter uma previsão de lançar para Android me avisem??

Não está prevista a libertação de andróides, desculpe :)

Podría salir en android?

No se ha planeado ningún lanzamiento en Android por el momento. Lo siento!

add grenade and swapping weapon

i can play such games single handed


Ha ha, enjoy ;)


wow, the youtube didn't shut your trailer video down

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Ha ha yes! Maybe because it's unlisted :)


ohhhhh, well good to hear that

And as soon as you said that, YT did shut down the trailer.  I'd recommend posting it to another video hosting website that permits 18+ material.


you can have that in xvideos or pornhub

seems cool, I'll check it out when there's more content

Thanks a lot :) I'm happy you like it so far.